The villagers are getting stronger

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20 May 2015: under a strong morning heat, we start from Kathmandu to go back to this small hilly village, which is situated in one of the most affected district, Sindulpalchok-3. Our small truck is loaded with food supplies again, steel shelters and material (hammers, nails, shovels, iron wire, etc.) for the families of this small village to build temporary shelters that are stronger than the tents to pass the coming monsoon.
At our arrival, we are happy to see that despite the great heat and difficult life conditions, the people are working hard on divising and recovering small pieces of their broken houses for the new ones.

We are really happy that we could provide them at least with some of the vital means that give them a basis to reconstruct slowly but surely their lifes. While we were there for the second time we could see that these families are now strong enough to think of their own to go on.

We have still now many villages to encourage and check what they did during this laps of time since our first venue.

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