Happy 2016!! Leptung Secondary School


Thank you so much for your great support!! The Butterfly Help Project could finally distribute the second part of the cargo, namely school bags, winter jackets and toys to around 232 students and as well to the school teachers of Shree Leptung Secondary School, Dolakha district. The kids were really happy and full of gratitude toward the Butterfly Help Project. We thank you on behalf of the School for your great support.

Proud Teachers of Leptung Secondary School.

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Merry Christmas!!


After so many months of clothes collection, sorting, preparation done by the Butterfly Help Project team in Switzerland, the Butterfly Help Project Nepal team could finally distribute the first load of A�such clothes on Christmas Eve to the Palep School kids, as well as to external kids and at the end of the day to the villagers of Palep (Langtang National Park). After long weeks before the arrival of the cargo, followed by negotiations at the customs in Kathmandu, sorting days and the challenge to find a vehicle with fuel in this period of crisis, here are a few photos of the clothes distribution.A�

It was amazing to see the joy of these children! The majority were changing their cloths as soon as they received the new one but unfortunately some kids were also crying because they received smaller toys.


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