Shree Palep-Ramche primary school, Rasuwa district, Langtang area

Monsoon has just started.

With the support of WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS and the BUTTERFLY HELP PROJECT (, the provisionary primary school Shree Palep Ramche in the Rasuwa district of the national park area of Langtang could be built with the steel sheets that we brought on 7 June 2015.

All though the whole area is full of landslides, the 103 kids are happy and excited to go to school with their incomplete school uniforms, which were buried in the collapsed houses. We got also the information that till now, 17 people whose bodies couldn’t be recovered are still missing. 


Norbu brought a few sports material such as footballs, volleyballs, badmintons, skips, disk flyers, together with two caromboards.  Even if the kids do not have a big place to play such sports, they were so happy to receive such material. 

To encourage these beautiful butterflies (kids) to come to school, we gave  each of them a notebook with pencils, erasers, sharpers, together with food for a daily lunch and snack at  the tea breaks. WILD YAK EXPEDITIONS has appointed its own company cook (Saila Tamang) and assistant cook for a month to cook good food for these young butterflies. 

We are  so pleased to see that these kids can study, eat and play, whereas in the meantime their parents can work on rebuilding their broken dreams and two people can work. 

Once more we THANK YOU all for your great help and support thanks to which we could bring little smiles and cheers on these beautiful butterflies faces.


Kids will receive 1 months food and snacks


Wild Yak Expeditions cook Saila Tamang is cooking food for Kids


School build by Butterfly help project with associate with Wild Yak Expeditions


Class room


People are still in tents


School and tent provided by Stephan keck


Norbu Sherpa distributing Copies, pencils, erasers, shapners


Kids waiting for a lunch


Norbu helping cook Saila Tamang to serve food


Kids receiving food


Kids eating lunch


Norbu with Kids..


Thanks giving by Teachers



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